Our mission is to combat bullying by creating 

awareness, providing education, and empowering youth in our schools and communities through the arts and entertainment. 



Our vision is one where every child is afforded  peaceful opportunities to prosper in life.

BAB 2017


Our innovative programs utilize music, dance, acting, songwriting and performance to transform children's lives in a positive way. We base these programs on 4 core values: respect, teamwork, positivity and strength. 


Barbie Perry is a genuinely compassionate and caring member of the community with the hope that all children everywhere are given the opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and peaceful environment.  Bullying is a real epidemic throughout Alabama, and it's having a profound effect on the social intelligence of our community's youth.  As a mother of five children, she has first-hand experience of the pain endured upon hearing one's child is a victim of the bullying epidemic.  Barbie has passionately sought to combat this epidemic by working directly with our community's youth.  Her strategy exploits the arts to help transform and empower young lives.  Barbie is determined to utilize her knowledge and experience to make a difference in children's lives within the community. 

Barbie has over 20 years of experience of building up self-esteem and confidence in kids and teens with much emphasis on teamwork, inclusiveness and empathy.  Starting in Miami, Fl. when she owned a dance company and taught hundreds of students from all different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.  Some of her students excelled to the highest peaks, performing with many artists, including Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Destiny's Child.  After moving her family to Alabama, Barbie founded the Street Jam Talent Agency, continuing her passion and desire to help talented people in their developmental process.  One of the main goals of her agency is for the talent to be involved in something meaningful and positive, providing them the opportunity to showcase their talent, but also to give back to the community.  As a means to accomplish this, Barbie started the annual "Bama Against Bullying Fashion Show Fundraiser".  As director of this event over the past years, Barbie's empathy and compassion for others was further deepened after learning about bullying experiences of many others in the community. Realizing that bullying activity in our schools and community is a real epidemic, she founded the Bama Against Bullying non-profit organization to combat bullying in our community through awareness creation, education and empowerment of our youth.