"Bama Against Bullying has an important message for the youth in our state and everywhere. Nick's Kids is happy to support Barbie's efforts to go into schools and arm our children with techniques to stand up against bullying." 


  Founder, Nick's Kids Foundation

  Tuscaloosa, Al.

"My daughter Jolie has been apart of BAB the past two years.  I was beyond excited for my daughter to be a part of this amazing organization that has become so important in our community. Being able to join together as one to accomplish the same goal has been an amazing feeling. Barbie has become Tuscaloosa’s biggest most motivated advocate for this movement because of her true sincere passion she has for this issue. I myself, as s parent of a middle school child have seen the hurt and the pain these kids endure and Barbie has created a unique way to  educate the children on other ways to be expressive besides belittling others. She has been to many of the schools in our community to continue awareness and the affect she has had on these kids has been absolutely amazing. Watching some of the kids chant “Bama Against Bullying” as they watch us march in the Christmas parade was an incredible feeling not only for me but my daughter as well.  She went back to school with a feeling of accomplishment on maybe making a difference if not only to one person. We look forward to being a part of the BAB event each year to stand up for what we all are so passionate about along side Barbie and her enormous heart and passion for these kids."


  Tuscaloosa, Al

"I first heard about Bama Against Bullying through a friend. I went to the event and met the Founder, Mrs. Perry. My teenage daughter was in the hospital at the time because she was a victim of bullying. I almost lost her. She developed trichotillomania, anxiety and depression as a result of bullying. After she got out of the hospital she met Mrs. Perry. Emily realized she was not alone as she was introduced to other teens that had been part of BAB for quite some time. At the Bama Against Bullying fundraiser in 2018, Emily's story was selected as  BAB IMPACT. She got to not only tell her story, but she was able to stand on that stage and inspire others as well. Very grateful for BAB! " 


   Reform, Al.

"Bama Against Bullying has given not only my child, but other children of all ages the know-how, strength to recognize, and stand up to bullying. Rather than simply talking to children, BAB connects with children by fashion, music, dance, and most importantly, INCLUSION. I have personally seen the impact this movement has made on the children of our community, and I am excited to see the future of this organization!" 


   Tuscaloosa, Al